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We are currently focused mostly on installation and reconstruction on key in power engineering and alternative energy sources area. Our main priorities are an individual and flexible approach to the customer and his requirements, professional project management, energy and environmental asset. Our divisions also operate the wholesale sell and installation of energy-saving lighting same as advertising and marketing. Each project we are able to consistently plan in advance and also comprehensively implement with minimal cooperation with customer.

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Year 1998 – company was established as a wholesale of PC components. The company subsequently long worked in the field of information and telecommunication technology as a wholesale distributor of PC components and consumable material for office equipment. The company gradually expanded its business activities to ensure its development and use experience in business and gained more stability on the market.

Year 2000 – there was a significant expansion due to our own brand REDSTAR, which represents wide portfolio of multimedia products for PC. Year 2003 – was established separate division INTRODESIGN applying to complex services for design, advertising and marketing. Year 2008 - the most important milestone for company - was established separate division SOLARIAN applying to complex services for power engineering with a focus on renewable sources of energy, especially photovoltaics.

Year 2009 – implementation of quality management to all work processes and certification according to standard ISO 9001 and 14001.

Year 2010 – was established separate division XENIUM applying to distribution and complex services for industrial lighting specialized on energy-saving LED technologies.

Year 2011 – expansion to Slovakia – construction of solar power stations in the Slovakia, realization of saving-energy lighting projects.

Year 2012 – preparation of significant development projects of the power engineering sector in the Czech Republic - electricity production from renewable sources, preparation of development projects of solar power stations in Ukraine and the Balkans. 

Year 2013 – Renaming of existing SOLARIAN division to ENERGY division and extending its scope. At the same time an extension of the service portfolio of Facility division. Separation of XENIUM division - development and production of LED lighting took over the subsidiary XENIUM Europe s.r.o. A part of these changes in the internal structure of the company is also introducing a new corporate design and logotype. 

Year 2014 –  Part of the production of XENIUM® industrial lighting is manufactured in the Czech Republic. 


Company´s visions and goals

We still have ambitions to act as a quality, reliable and inspiring supplier of goods and services for a wide range of customers and create in cooperation with them innovative solutions for new meaningful products and projects. The company intends to expand in the next years particularly in power engineering and energy-saving lighting technologies, not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the Slovak, Poland, the Balkans and Ukraine. We plan to achieve significant position and economic outcomes by using existing experience gained in recent years and also by quality references from the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

IMS Policy

(Policy of quality and environmental management) The business activities of the STARCOM INTERNATIONAL Ltd. company, Solarian division, is currently focused on design, plan and realization of photovoltaic systems. The company's priority is to fully meet the individual requirements of customers and provide quality services. In continuity for meeting requirements of the standards ISO 9001/ISO 14001 the management of company commits to apply the following theses of policy:

  • Due to implementation of management quality and environmental management according to international standards improve the organization of activities and processes in the company, increase the customer confidence and positive and preventative approach to environmental protection.
  • Create products that are meaningful to their users and bring only delight and benefit.
  • Observe relevant regulations, standards and other requirements regarding provided services, environmental protection and occupational safety.
  • Achieve that company has become a sought-after business partner who provide feeling of reliability and certainty to his customers.
  • Keeping the high quality of our services, favorable price of products and supply of goods or services within time limit acceptable for the customer.
  • Apply management system on each level with involvement and using the capabilities of all employees.
  • Permanently increase the qualification and expertise of all employees.
  • Participate in the development of region and support of humanitarian projects.
  • Principles of quality management and environmental requirements also transfer to the supplier.


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Tel.: 596 614 750-2
E-mail: info@starcom.cz


About us

The cornerstone of our company is solid and professional approach. Each project we are able to consistently plan in advance and also comprehensively implement with minimal cooperation with customer.

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